Stampin' Up! That Thing You Did Watercolor greeting card

I'm a little obsessed with watercolors right now.  Coloring with them, seeing if I can blend them into pretty colors. Playing around with them yesterday, I wondered what it would look like to take all of the green options in my set of Kuretake paints and simply add them to the paper in vertical lines. The aqua-ish isn't a green… exactly… but I like how it livened up the panel. 

Sentiment is from Stampin' Up! That Thing You Did

For some reason, the greens made me think of trees. We have more scrub and tropical plants in this particular area of Florida but I grew up in Georgia with pine trees and a few hardwoods growing all around. That lead me to use these embellishments and this sentiment (which has had me singing "Georgia" all afternoon! LOL)

Sentiment is from Stampin' Up! That Thing You Did

Where will watercolor take you?

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