Stampin' Up! Remarkable You Calla Lily

Our Remarkable You is a gorgeous stamp set that includes several large images of blooms. One of them is the Calla Lily and, if you look at them in your favorite search engine, you'll see that they are actually available in a variety of colors - how fun for stamping! In case you like this kind of info, here's some background from to ponder: 

What Does the Calla Lily Flower Mean?

The most common meanings of this bloom include:
  • Magnificent and overwhelming beauty, in the classic Victorian language of the flowers and the Ancient Greek tradition
  • Resurrection and rebirth, since the plant returns each year after the winter
  • Faith and purity, especially in the Christian religions
  • Overcoming challenges, since the cut flowers can start regrowing in a vase and survive frosts
  • The liveliness and innocence of youth.
All good reasons to use them on a greeting card :)

Stampin' Up! Remarkable You

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