Tip for mailing cards with embellishments

It's time to mail out those Christmas cards you made! Here's a little tip for mailing our those cards that aren't exactly flat. Your best bet for bulky cards is to put them in a bubble envelope, but for just a little bit of bling or a small bump from a bow, you can easily protect your card (and the USPS sorting machines).

You know that scrap card stock 
you have that you just know is 
good for something
Well, this is a good time to use it :)

Here's my somewhat bumpy card; it's one of the cards created using the November 2015 Paper Pumpkin kit. I love that little Linen Thread bow and the Pearls, but they're not exactly flat...

So what I recommend is using a piece of scrap card stock and either the size of the card front or at least a size just larger than where your "bump" is located. (I found a piece of card stock that was just wider than the strip running down the center of the card.) Apply adhesive and then stick this piece to the back of your envelope as shown:

Now place your card into the envelope facing the back. The card stock layer you added to the envelope will provide extra protection to your embellishments. Try this even if you are going to pay extra postage for your card; your recipient is more likely to receive the card and envelope without any rips or tears.

Now... time to make those last few cards before I have to change the design to "Happy New Year"!
Thanks for reading today's post :)
Adriana B.