Stampin' Up! Blooming With Kindness and a storage tip

Every spring I go through a little something I like to call "use it or lose it". Clutter gets to me, especially when I have other things going through my mind. I'm not complaining - this always helps me to get caught up on cleaning and organizing! In this case, I'm going through my Designer Series Paper and creating cards that help me USE IT UP!

Greeting Card Notes:

  • This layout is easy and the only thing that might cause you to scratch your head is the measurement of the 4 strips of paper. I was chatting with friends and didn't feel up to math, so I simply cut these pieces 1" x 3-3/4" then eye-balled them to distribute across the card panel. Yes, there are more precise ways to do this; no, I still haven't done the math ;)
  • I placed the two busier patterns in the center of the card so that most of their pattern would be covered by the sentiment layer. I took into consideration the colors on each pattern, too. The outermost panels have the most Pool Party (blue). Then, starting from the right-most strip - notice that it has orange and so does it's neighbor. The center strips both have the orange and yellows. The third and 4th have the blue with the 4th panel being the simplest.
  • Storage tip: if you are mostly a card-maker like I am, trim your Designer Series Paper to 4"x 6" for storage. Not only is it easier to store in a slim drawer or photo box, but it is easier to transport without damage when you are stamping with friends or on a trip. When storing this way, stand the paper on it's side instead of laying it flat; I have found it easier to flip through the patterns this way to find what I am looking for.
Thanks for viewing today's post!
Adriana B.

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