Recharging the batteries...

I will be out and about over the next couple of weeks. First, I'm recharging by visiting family and friends at home then I'm off to get my Stampin' Up! groove on at our Annual Convention. Due to home renovations underway at mom's house, I won't be able to play with any stamps while I'm here (she and I are both bummed). But I'm sure to be busting with ideas and inspiration when I'm finally finished with travels!

For some fresh ideas from Stampin' Up!, I invite you to check out my Stampin' Up! Website and click on the ideas tab. There you will see lots of ideas submitted by the company artists. Also, feel free to check out my Pinterest boards which are full of all kinds on ideas shared online, (I warn you, set a timer or you'll be there all day! Lol)!

Until then, have fun stampin' and I will be back to posting ideas ASAP!