Christmas is coming...

So we are down to the last two weeks before Christmas. The calendar is full of school and work events and, I don't know about you, but I'm in need of craft time more than ever. Something about creating a project, whether it be a card or something else just calms the waves like little else.

Although I have several boards of ideas stored on Pinterest, I realized last night that I also have quite a few project ideas stored on my phone. All those hours of sitting in the car waiting for my kids to come out of rehearsal or activities have not been wasted :o)

These butterflies are being used to create a family tree. Each "branch" gets its own color. Imagine how sweet it would be to receive such a gift and how lovely it would look in a frame!

Ok, technically a fall idea... But it's not officially winter until the 22nd. Ha!

Pine one Christmas trees, how cute are they!?!

I wish the photo were watermarked so I could give appropriate credit, but isn't this card cute and easy? If you don't have dies to cut the leaves, consider cutting apart snowflakes...

And one more, just for fun...

It was 84 here yesterday so maybe I find snowflakes more amusing than those who have to deal with the stuff. But it is a pretty (and duplicate card) isn't it?

My apologies for the lack of credit towards those who created these projects. The images are not watermarked and the file name and info doesn't save with the photo (on my phone). But I hope you enjoy the inspiration anyway and I sincerely hope you enjoy some crafty time in the near future!