Stampin' Addicts Blog Hop project details

Did you visit this weekend? A few of us from Stampin' Addicts put on a blog hop showcasing new stamps and tools from the 2012 Catalog. In my post, I shared an aromatherapy idea and promised to share the recipes today. (I didn't invent these; they are simple recipes found on the internet on various sites.)

You can scroll down to access the blog hop, but here are the aromatherapy ideas I shared:

For the powder (on the left) simply mix:
1/4 cup Baking Soda
1/4 cup Cornstarch
Mix well, then add  8 drops of an essential oil and mix again. You can add more drops of oil  if you like, but smell the mix first. Essential oils are powerful!)

I chose to use a combination of Lavender and Sweet Orange, recommended for "calming". I made two and they are now sitting in Linen closets making our sheets and pillowcases smell so nice. Just what we need to encourage a good night's sleep.

Room spray
If you choose essential oils that are clear, you can use the following spray as a room spray or on your sheets. I spray some on the fitted sheet and our pillows before I make the bed each morning. When I lay down to sleep, the soft scent of Lavender is so soothing. I definitely recommend it.

2 ounces distilled water (or boil water and let it come to room temp)
2 ounces alcohol (rubbing alcohol is not recommended, use Vodka instead. Crazy, right?)
20-30 drops of essential oil*

Shake this mixture in a spray bottle to blend. Since the water and oils will separate, shake it again before you use it. If you are spraying a large area, shake it every once in a while to make sure the they stay combined.

 *If you choose to use a Chamomile oil, make sure it is Roman Chamomile; other types will stain your fabrics and furnishings.

Side note: I made too much of the spray and it didn't fit into my little spray bottle! I uncovered the glass vase shown here and placed it in my kitchen where the draft of the air-conditioning flows. Every time the a/c kicks on, the room is refreshed with the aroma I created.

Here are a few helpful sites found on the web. For more ideas, google can provide you with many more.

DIY basic intro and recipes

Aromaweb (various oil combinations)
Essential Oils (types of oils, properties)

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