Use It Tuesday - Wood Blocks

If you have removed your rubber stamps from their maple blocks, you may be wondering what you can do with the block. Here's an idea for you and your family to enjoy!

To make your catapult, adhere 2 blocks together and then attach a wooden clothespin to the top. We used hot glue but other strong craft adhesives will likely work well. For the "bucket", adhere a bottle top using the same adhesive. Once the glue is set, you are ready to play.
Try with a big target until you get the hang of it. Then try smaller targets :)
TIP: If you can find long clothespins, I recommend giving them a try. These smaller (regular sized?) ones worked fine, but we had to push down on the edge of the basket to launch. Smaller kids may not like how that feels on their little fingers.

Have fun!  Thanks for stopping by!

Stampin' Supplies: Wooden Blocks, hot glue, bottle top, plate or bowl for target

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