Fabulous NEW Block Storage

 Check out our new solution for storing your Clear-Mount blocks! When I saw this in the catalog, I just knew it would be at the top of my wish-list. I'd like to keep my blocks in a handy place and also keep them as scratch-free as possible - I know this product will do the trick!
Here's a picture of what you'll see when you open the case:

I love that the case comes with inserts for each of the blocks. That way, if you are slowly building your selection, you can just remove the foam for the spaces you need and leave the others in place for now.
The foam blocks are a tight fit, so I used nail scissors (instead of my fingernails!) to remove the inserts. The clear blocks fit well, but not as tight as the foam, so you need not worry that they will be difficult to store and use.
Ahem* looks like I need to clean my block! But, see how thick the foam is? Serious stuff! And here's a look at the full box:

 Isn't it a beauty? Ahhhhh!
The gray sheet you see is a thin layer of foam; it will lay inside the case when  you close it to keep the blocks from hitting each other. Love it! Does my type-whatever brain proud. "A place for everything, and everything in it's place." My mom will be so proud, lol!
Thanks for stopping by!

Clear Block Storage Caddy (120279) $16.95

(Note*: the Caddy does not come with this flower on it. I adhered a Definitely Decorative vinyl flower, just for fun!) 

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  1. Great explanation of the caddy! I love the DE flower on yours!


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