A "special" tool for Embossing

You never know what tool a crafter will repurpose to use on a project. As you'll see here, even a drinking straw can be used in the craft room!
Last week, we played with Rainbow Embossing at our Card Maker class. With Rainbow Embossing, we used 2 colors of embossing powder (Iridescent Ice and Sterling Silver). The final result was a beautiful shimmery image that changed "look" depending on how you turned it in the light.
During class, I also shared a sample of stamped leaves that were embossed with many different colors of embossing powder. One of the tricks to making this work is using a special "tool" to drop tiny bits of the powder on different sections of the stamped image. My special tool? A Straw!
Here are some pictures to show you how it's done (1 picture = 1000 words, right?)

 To keep your individual colors of embossing powder separate, pour off the extra powder between each step. (Drop bits of the first color, pour off the extra; drop the second color, pour it off, etc.). Or if you want, put all of your colors on, then pour all of the extra into a separate container. You now have an embossing powder mix. This one will be my Fall mix - I plan to try it on stamped trees using our Lovely as a Tree stamp set.

And here's our heat set image:

Have fun and give it a try! Be sure to leave a comment and let me know how it goes!
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