How to remove rubber stamps from wood blocks

I have fallen in love with our Clear Mount option of stamps. One thing I am particularly fond of is the small amount of storage space they take up. I had read previously that you could "un-mount" your stamps and then apply a glue so that you can use them with clear blocks.
Well, I tried it out today (with retired stamps.... just in case). Here's the process so far:
I put this stamp in the microwave for 8 seconds - just long enough to heat it up so that I could carefully remove the rubber along with the foam. My microwave is a wimpy one, but 8 seconds was plenty. Don't heat more or I believe the block will get smokin' hot!
Using a foam brush, I spread a layer of Aleen's tack-it-over glue directly onto the foam.
Here's one stamp after about 2 hours of drying. Seriously sticky! I'm definitely leaving it over-night before I try it out! Check back for results!

One quick note: When reading on-line about others who have tried this I noticed that a few people had removed the rubber from the foam. Then they added the glue to the back of the rubber. They were able to use the stamp this way, but got better results by putting a rubber mat (or mouse pad) under their paper.  I'm trying it with the foam still on the stamp so that I can omit this extra step.