Pop of Paradise Called to be different

Have you ever made something with one idea in mind, but then hear something that really fine tunes the message you are trying to convey? The card I'm going to share with you today was made while I was thinking about a young coworker who is simply an amazing young lady. In her mid 20s, she is acutely aware of differences in her life as a young Christian and in others' around her. Regardless of a person's age, that can simply be tough to navigate. There's a part of us that often just wants to fit in. But,

Stampin' UP! Pop of Paradise different is beautiful Adriana escape2stamp.com

Last Sunday, our Pastor was teaching from 1 Peter 3:8-22 and he reminded us that we are called to be different than the world around us. So many lessons in the teaching (which you can access here). And as she walks it out, I hope she remembers that her "different" is beautiful and has the ability to positively affect so many lives around her.

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