Video - Watercoloring with Aqua Blenders and ink pads

I noticed some questions about the video on the Stampin' Up! YouTube channel; I hope this answers any questions you may have:
  • Although the supply list isn't provided, it is likely she used watercolor paper for this technique.
  • Leaving white space is a great way to give the illusion of light and highlights.
  • In the video, you will notice that she colored some areas in the cherries first when the brush held the most color, then went back and added color to the rest of the cherries when there was less color on the brush. This achieves the lighter/darker tones you would see due to lighting and positioning. Additional color added after the first has had a chance to dry allows you to add even more color to an image.
  • The light gray marker (likely Smoky Slate) was simply added to the shaded area as indicated by the stamped image and along the very edge of the bowl. Adding it to the outside of the bowl helps to visually detach the bowl from the background. (Necessary since the bowl was left uncolored with the exception of the shadows and colored strip.)
Have a great weekend!
Adriana B.

(For the technique as shown) Product List: