DIY Storage Idea for your ink pad reinkers

If you have been crafting for a while, you may have noticed that you have certain tools and supplies that you reach for the most. For example, I've noticed that I like my Paper Snips, Paper Trimmer, adhesives and coloring tools within reach at all times. Other items that I don't use as often are okay tucked in a drawer.

One set of items that have found a new resting place in a drawer are my ink pad re-inkers (refills). I didn't want them rolling everywhere, so I decided to make little open boxes using our Gift Box Punch Board. Not only will it keep the little bottles corralled, but by storing them in their color groups I will be able to easily find the color I'm looking for.

Gift Box Punch board

This was when I was testing the fit  - no adhesive used yet. Notice there's plenty of room!

Note: I followed the instructions found on the board to create a box with finished measurements of 4"x 4"x 2.5". This is large enough to fit all of the re-inkers for each color group (with room for more) but still fit easily within the drawer. Success!

In case you are wondering, this drawer is one of three in a craft storage cube. This type of storage system can be easily found in a craft store or on-line.  (Some assembly required.)

Thanks for viewing today's post!
Adriana B.

Note: Card stock and re-inkers are available individually or by family.