Stampin' Up! Discontinues Blendabilities line of alochol markers

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This morning I want to share with you the difficult decision Stampin' Up! has made to discontinue our Blendabilities markers. Please read on for more information straight from the company. I've highlighted a few of the questions that I believe mostly direct my existing customers, but the questions all serve to outline the issue and address how commited the company is to providing a quality product. Please take a moment to read:

You are no doubt very much aware of the product quality concerns we’ve been experiencing with Blendabilities, and we thank you for your patience as we’ve worked through this sensitive issue. We have done everything possible to work with our manufacturer, but with no solution in sight, we’ve had to make the difficult decision to permanently discontinue this popular product line.

Q & A

Q: Will the Tuxedo Black Memento Pad (item #132708) and the Tuxedo Black Memento Pad Refill (item #133456) still be available for purchase?
A: Yes. These items will also be featured in this year’s annual catalog.

Q: What are the quality problems with this product?
A: When the tip is welded to the barrel, the welding process can leave microscopic (invisible) holes in the marker tip. This leads to accelerated evaporation of the alcohol in the ink.

Q: Are all Blendabilities markers defective?
A: No. Most Blendabilities markers work as intended. We ask that you use your best judgment to determine whether your product is in good condition or if you need a refund.

Q: Why did it take so long for Stampin’ Up! to discover this problem?
A: Over the months we’ve noticed quality issues with this product, but they were within normal tolerance. We’ve also received some great feedback and know that many of you have thoroughly enjoyed working with Blendabilities. However, when corrections and complaints became more and more frequent, we increased the sophistication of our quality testing. This led to discoveries that meant we had a serious problem with the product line. Although these are still great markers, our manufacturer is now reporting a 30 to 40 percent fail rate before they are shipped to Stampin’ Up!—which is unacceptable.

Q: Will Stampin’ Up! refund shipping and tax on unshipped Blendabilities?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I replace my Blendabilities for non-defective Blendabilities?
A: No. We’re returning our entire inventory of Blendabilities to the manufacturer.

Q: Why are my customers seeing “no results found” when they search for Blendabilities? How will they know that this product is no longer available?
A: The online store (under Ink and Coloring/Blendabilities) now includes messaging informing customers that the Blendabilities line has been discontinued. The search function can’t be updated because of system restrictions.

Q: If I placed my order before the items were turned off, will I receive them?
A: Most orders for Blendabilities placed on or before Thursday, February 26 were fulfilled.

Q: Can we expect that other backordered items currently turned off will go through the same process?
A: No. This situation came about because of a quality issue and is isolated to Blendabilities.

Q: Does this mean that Stampin’ Up! is struggling financially?
A: No. Stampin’ Up! is financially strong and stable. The decision to pull this product line was based on the need to end a product line that does not meet our quality standards. This decision will allow us to pursue other, more viable product options.

Q: If I selected Blendabilities as my Sale-A-Bration item and it is on backorder, do I have to choose another Sale-A-Bration item?
A: Yes. We have fourteen other Sale-A-Bration items from which to choose.

Q: Now that Blendabilities are no longer available as a Sale-A-Bration redemption item, will our remaining Sale-A-Bration items run out more quickly?
A: With Blendabilities no longer available as a Sale-A-Bration option, it is anticipated that the demand on other Sale-A-Bration items will be higher than forecasted. For that reason, all Sale-A-Bration items (with the exception of stamps) will now be “while supplies last.”

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