Inking up a watery scene

There is something soothing about being near the water. We are close enough to several rivers and the ocean that we get to see a body of water nearly every day. I have to admit, I like the feel of the sandy beach much more than the squishy lakes of my childhood; but regardless of the source, I hope to always live near water for the rest of my life. There's nothing like the view at sunrise or sunset when the light is hitting it so it gently sparkles. So peaceful…

click image for a larger/better view of the details

Tips for creating an aquatic scene:

  • Drag your ink pad directly across you paper for solid coverage. Feel free to drag lightly over other areas for a little added extra color. (An example would be the sky here.)
  • Mask off the first area (cover with scratch paper) and sponge or drag additional colors to create the rest of your scene. 
  • The water and patch of ground were both sponged on. To create this look: ink up your sponge and start on your mask, moving in a swirling motion onto your paper to more easily control the amount of color you are adding and achieve a smoother look. Our ink pads are juicy, so a light touch prevails! Simply go over the area again if you want more color.
  • This is supposed to be fun. Don't stress if you get funky streaks at first. Play with it and figure out a technique that works for you! :)

Time to head to the water, isn't it?
Adriana B.

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