Embossing Folder and Die Cut storage idea


Are you looking for an easy way to store your Big Shot (or other die cutting machine) tools? Here's an easy solution that will allow you to keep the tools in their original packaging. I like this option since it allows me to keep the original paperwork and the handy envelope packaging for our Framelits, in particular.

First, here's a peek at my worktable where I keep my Big Shot and accompanying supplies:

Yes, I still have our guillotine cutter and use it ALL the time…. but let's move on…
The top box holds my embossing folders. Lookie:

And the larger box holds my die cutting sets. 

In case you are interested, I found these boxes at a TJMaxx, but I have seen them at other discount retail stores and no-no stores (craft stores). And for those of you who rarely weed items out of your tool boxes, yes - they are available in larger sizes :)

Thanks for reading today's post! I hope you found it helpful!
Adriana B.


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