Project Life by Stampin' Up! Two Tips and a few samples

Recently, I had the privilege of sharing our new Project Life ® by Stampin' Up! products with a group of friends. This was a fun way to share the afternoon and I have a couple of tips that will help you if you decide to play along:

Tip 1: Make it a group event! This group of friends each purchased a different set of card inserts then shared a few. For example, my book uses mainly the Happiness Is Collection, but now also includes inserts from the Love Story, Playground and Everyday Adventure Collections. Each collection contains 100 inserts, so there are plenty to share! (See page 189 of our Annual Catalog or click here to see options.)

Tip 2: If you are using the 6" x 8" book with assorted page inserts and you have a lot of horizontal photos, consider cutting some of the scenery photos in half and putting the pictures in the small pockets. (This might work with group photos if there is space between people.) Becky Warner shared this idea with us in class; here's a picture to give you an idea of how it looks. It's not as scary as it sounds...

Here are a few really basic pages I created for my book. I may go back and add some embellishments later, but for now this book is meant simply as a place to put these memories and photos that make me smile :)

What happens when they get tired of mom taking pictures...

He is growing up too fast...

Took some doin', but I finally got him to look at me!

My guys *grin*