Inexpensive Punch Storage

HI all!

Every once in a while, I read a post or am involved in a conversation about storing supplies. I ran across one earlier this week and realized I probably haven't shared this info with you here. (Or maybe I have...? Oh, well... one more time won't hurt...) There are so many solutions out there ranging from inexpensive to costly. My storage options tend to run to the inexpensive-but-sturdy kind; I would rather spend my play money on supplies or new shoes :)

This photo shows how the majority of my punches are stored; they are in a shoe organizer bag that hangs on the back of the door to my craft room. It was only about $6 at Target (5+ years ago) and still looks new. No rips or tears at all. Not bad for space that would have gone unused otherwise, eh?

If you decide to use this idea, you will want to anchor the bottom of the bag or just know that you will hear the punches thunk on the door when you move it. As stated previously, I have used this storage bag for over 5 years; there is no damage to the door at all.

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  1. Hi Adriana! This is a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing with all of us. How did you anchor the bottom, if I might ask?

  2. I do not have it anchored; it does not bother me to hear the "thunk" when I open and close the door. If I were to anchor it, I would likely attach medium or heavy-duty velcro dots to the back of the holder and to the door.


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