Three Tips - using an Aqua Painter

Aqua Painter (set of 2)

I have received a few questions about water-coloring lately. One of the easiest ways to do this technique is to use an Aqua Painter. What is it,  you ask? As you can see in the photo here, it looks a bit like a paintbrush with a barrel in the middle for holding liquid. This barrel and the device holding the bristles keep the tool wet enough to color but not so wet that it drips.

You can use the Aqua Painter along with Watercolor Crayons and Watercolor Pencils, but my favorite way to use them is to just pick up ink from the lid of Classic Ink pads. You can even use the drops that accumulate along the edges of the pad and case! See... I'm not being messy - it's a technique!

Tip: If your ink pad is pristine, simply press the case together (while closed); when you open it up you will find ink smushed onto your lid.

(SMUSHED... it's a technical term...)

Tip2: Don't want to get it dirty? Put a drop of rei-nker on the lid instead or rub the bristles of the Aqua Painter directly onto your ink pad.

If coloring in stamped images, I recommend using StazOn ink to stamp your main image. Dye ink (like what you are using to color) will simply bleed.  Not really the look we're going for here... In the sample below, I stamped onto Watercolor Paper and have begun coloring by adding More Mustard to the star, Always Artichoke to three gifts and Cherry Cobbler to a few others.

Tip3: To clean the Aqua Painter bristles between colors, just squeeze the barrel chamber until water starts dripping down the bristles. Once it flushes out the color, dab any extra water onto a towel. You want it to be damp, not sopping wet.

And for the record, I have tried out the pens that look a lot like these but are sold in a local craft store. They look similar and even have what looks to be the same device in the barrel. But they are not as they say "created equal". The water pooled out or the brush would go dry. Not fun.

Any questions about what you have seen here? Drop me a line and I will be sure to answer your questions. To see the stamped image above on a completed card, be sure to stop by tomorrow. Thanks!

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