My Digital Studio - printing multiple per page

Have you ever "discovered" something that was right under your nose the whole time? Well, that happened to me this weekend and even though it was a "boy, I'm a dork" kind of moment, I am willing to share it with you because it saves THAT much time and frustration!

Sometimes I use My Digital Studio to create card sketches that we use in class. I provide these sketches on a postcard and punch a hole in one corner so that my ladies can keep them on a ring. It's a very handy tool that provides a kick-start to creativity when you are stumped! Now to make the best use of my cardstock, I print the cards four per page. Keep in mind that this is essentially the size of a card front, so this same info applies to creating card fronts! (Thank you Sue E. for pointing that out!)

In order to do this I had to either create a 2nd project where I could cut and paste 4 of the cards or export it to another program and work some more to get everything just right.

The answer was right under my nose.

Note: I use a MAC, but if you are on a PC, don't fret. One of my stampin' friends from Sudsol assures me the same can be done on a PC. Just check your settings to make sure you are not permanently changing your settings.

Here's how:

1. First export your project to a jpeg. I saved to my desktop so I could find it easily.

2. Double-click on the project to open it up in Preview. Click File, then Print. You will see something like this:

3. On the bottom right of this screen, there are options to print a different number of images per page. Right now, only one is selected.

4. Here's where it gets fun. Choose 4, and look what happens.

Why this rocks: Our one image has moved to the upper left-hand corner. This is a wonderful option for when you want to print just one postcard/card front and don't want to waste the rest of your card stock! (If I just adjusted the size, it would print the correct size, but in the middle of the page...)

5. But we want 4, so click the box next to "Print 4 copies per page". And viola!

Lookie there! Evenly dispersed on the page! No muss - no fuss!

Aside from printing out these sketch cards, I also used this same process to type out project notes for an upcoming swap. The project information would not fit on a standard label anyway, so I typed up the supply notes, used command-shift-4 to capture just that area of text (which saves it on my desktop as a jpg image). I was able to print 9 per page without having to go into Word, set up labels, blah, blah, blah. This will also be handy when I want to print images from My Digital Studio; create once, save and print as many as will fit - without having to copy and paste to fill the page.

As my little guy would say - EPIC!   I hope you think so, too :)

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