Busy Hands pouch

I've been on a mission lately to learn how to sew. Well, how to do it better. I think it may take intervention from Jesus Himself to get continuously straight lines, but lucky for me the recipients of the gifts aren't too picky.

Convention this week brought to mind all the times we need to keep important items (phone, cash, etc.) handy but need our hands to be free. There are a number of free templates for different purses and pouches online (hooray for google). Through one of the tutorials I found, I learned how to make a great pieced lanyard. I used this idea along with a Simplicity pattern (#4391) to create a pouch for my friend  Martha. Actually, I made two - she gets to choose which one she wants :)

Note: The pattern calls for using a length of ribbon as your strap. This is where the pieced lanyard comes in play; I made it extra long so that the strap can go across the body and the pouch will hang at the hip.

Flirtatious fabric (item #122335)
And here it is open:

And then I thought to myself, "What if she's not too crazy about all the pink?"
Thus was born pouch #2.

Springtime Vintage fabric (item#121817)
The finished pouch is approximately 4.5" wide x 5" high. 
To give you a better idea: that's an ipod in the front pocket. The inside of the pouch easily holds a my Fuji Finepix digital camera, phone, etc.

The Simplicity pattern calls for a velcro closure. I opted to use an elastic strip/button instead - an idea I found on this free tutorial for a business card holder.
Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed seeing today's projects - let me know if you decide to try any of the linked tutorials!  Smiley

Resources linked above:

Lanyard tutorial  - Two Peas In A Pod Designs
Business card holder tutorial - Crafty Cupboard
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