Use It Tuesday - Frayed Fabric Flowers

It's Tuesday and time to use up some of our retired stash of supplies! Our second task today is to say the title three times, fast. "Frayed Fabric Flowers... ffrayed flabbit...", ok, skip that part.

Note: The Candy Cane Christmas fabric I'm using today was originally introduced in our Holiday Mini catalog. Even though the catalog has expired, the fabric is still available and, as you can see, the designs are not really holiday specific.

Today we are going to break away from cards and make something cute for your home or for a friend.
I began by cutting 4 strips of fabric and making flowers using this Frayed Flower Tutorial as a guide. You might be happy to know the flowers are very simple to make and do not require good sewing skills. (Trust me, if they did... you wouldn't have seen this project here!)

When I added the center button, I went ahead and adhered the 4 flowers to one corner of a basic white tea towel. Not too bad for my first attempt!
And here's the towel hanging across the room, as in.... away from the sink.
       What? Did you think I'd actually USE it?

Thanks for stopping by!

Stampin' Supplies: Flower Sack Towels, Candy Cane Christmas Fabric (121715 - still available), Buttons (you can use Regals Designer buttons 119744), needle, thread
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  1. Cute, cute, cute--and I wouldn't use it either, Adriana!

  2. How lovely is this! Go ahead and use it, then you'll have an excuse to make another one with more great fabric!

  3. Adorable! I totally understand not using it, too. I have season-specific towels that are purely for decoration, and woe to the husband that tries to dry his hands on them!

  4. So cute!! What a fabulous towel! And definitely to good to use!

  5. How fun are those?!! I might have to give those flowers a try, since they do not require much sewing skills. I have zero!!

  6. Sew cute! Sorry, I just had to say it :)
    I made some lovely ones for Christmas and the one I kept for myself got used by my "squatters" who thought they should clean their hands on this towel, not just dry them. UGH!

  7. Too cute! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Great idea and very simple! I think putting the towel across the room is the only thing you can do! That first grubby handprint just breaks your heart!


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