Scrapbooking with My Digital Studio and capturing inspiration

My husband Danny is something else.... and I mean that in a good way. *grin*
Years ago his health wasn't the best; he was over-weight, on blood pressure medication and was looking at high numbers on his cholesterol blood test results. He hadn't really been taking care of himself, feared for the future and decided to make changes to his diet and (at that point non-existant) activity level. It wasn't long after he started these changes that he started noticing results. Before long he wanted to run instead of walk and shortly after began entering races. I should have known that a 5K wouldn't be enough for him - when he does anything, he goes all out!
Here he is running the Disney Marathon last year. I made this page in just a few minutes on My Digital Studio.
One of the coolest things about this experience for him is that he has become an inspiration to friends and family. They've seen the changes and his dedication and several of them have felt inspired to make some changes in their own lives. What a blessing to be able to use your own experiences to improve the lives of others!!