My Digital Studio helps with homework

So this weekend as my son labored over a school project, we discovered another use for My Digital Studio. It's a Homework Helper!!! Hooray!
My son needed to come up with a new product that uses a laundry clip. He decided to make something he called the "Back Stack" that would help keep track of important school papers. Part of his grade will come from a sales flyer/brochure for the product - that's where My Digital Studio comes in. And you'd think that's when Mom would come in, too. But, Nooooo.... he didn't let me in on the fun stuff.... Daddy took over and together they made the flyer. The same man who, by the way, looked at me like I was crazy when I was having fun figuring out the program and making cards, scrapbook pages, etc. But, I digress - they had fun figuring out the program and made this flyer.
Cute, huh? Now I wonder if they'll still give me funny looks as I enthuse over the program...... probably!scuba diving Australia
Thanks for stopping by! And if you have any questions about My Digital Studio and what you (and your family) can do with it, contact me and I'll be happy to review the program with you!