How to Use Small Embossing Folders

Oh - have I got a trick for you today!

I had given up using small embossing folders because of the extra outline of the folder that I would get when I ran it through my Big Shot. (The little hand is pointing to it on this picture.)
However, this week at Paper Craft Planet, Teresa P. shared a great how-to video on how to fix this problem. The link above will take you to the video, but in case you are not a subscribed member, here are some photos that will give you an idea.

The solution is to create a chipboard shim cut to a size just smaller than the folder itself. That way, once you run it through the machine, pressure will only be applied to the center of the folder where the design is. I had 2 thick pieces of chipboard from the back of an art pad that I was able to cut down to size. (Teresa mentions using 7 pieces of thin chipboard to make her shim.)

This photo shows how you will run it through the machine. From the bottom up: Tab 1, your cardstock with the embossing folder, shim centered over the embossing folder, clear acrylic plate on top. The difference from the original try is that there is only one acrylic plate on top instead of creating a sandwich with 2.

Your finished product will be the embossed image without the folder's embossed edges! Hooray! Now I'm off to go work on the rest of the card! Enjoy!