Memorial Day

As crafters and card-makers, we often take the time to touch the lives of our friends and loved ones by sending them our handmade gifts. Today, I'd like to challenge you to share some of these blessings with a Veterans group in your area or by donating your cards to our troops.

Some info to help you get started:

1. Here's a recent article about how one family is lovingly sharing handmade cards with a local veterans group. Check in your area phone book for a location in your area, there is sure to be one nearby and I'm sure they'd love to have you stop by.

2. Here's the website for Cards for Heroes, a group who receives cards to send to our military troops. These cards are left blank so that the troops can write home with them! (Don't have any cards to send? You are also welcome to help them with postage.) When you get to their page, you'll want to click on the "mailroom". In the left hand side-bar you'll see the names of current military troops to whom you may send your cards. There are also notes on this page about what types of cards are needed most.

**One thing I noticed on a couple of different sites that I visited - if you are going to send a card to a wounded soldier, do not include glitter! Apparently this is a no-no in a hospital setting. (I guess it's kinda obvious now that it's been pointed out to me!) Thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll take the time to thank a soldier!