Almost Christmas! My boys are SO excited! We have a tradition we follow: they sleep in our room Christmas Eve so that they don't hear Santa come in and leave their gifts (or coal, lol). When they woke up this morning, they were already asking if we could set up their beds for tonight! It's gonna be a looooooong day..... :)

We spent the day running last minute errands and then I baked some cinnamon rolls. *Yes, from scratch. And no, I didn't scratch open a box or can!* This is a tradition I haven't followed the last couple of years - got lazy, I suppose. But I made them yesterday and will probably make another batch next week to parcel out to friends. Check out my recipe - it has sugar and even a coffee cup ring on it... that's how ya know it's a keeper! (Plus, the book automatically opens to this page!)

Tomorrow, I'll update the post with pictures of my family chowin' down on the rolls.

Hope you have a great day enjoying your family traditions. Maybe you'll even pick up a tradition you've neglected sometime in the past. (Hope it's yummy!)